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About Us

Selfie Genes was founded on the principle of my mother's personalized greeting card business, where she creates one-of-a-kind photo collages for special occasions. We realized the amount of selfies and photos that are taken on a daily basis. We then decided that we wanted to specialize in denim because it is a popular clothing item that is worn around the world. In merging these two concepts together, Selfie Genes was born...a unique way to display your DNA on your denim apparel!  

Selfie Genes fills a unique niche by representing your “gene”ric makeup. Our slogan is "Uniquely Created & Uniquely Connected.” We specialize in transforming your denim jackets by using photos that are printed with high quality technology designed by you. Our goal is to capture the unique gene that connects people together through customized apparel for everyone and every occasion.

Pictured: Monet Jackson founder of Selfie Genes 

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"I love Selfie Genes so much that I had them do two designs for me one for myself and one for my little dog. I love having apparel that’s one of a kind that is customized to my style and the style of my sweet dog Petunia."

Monique Johnson

"I can’t wait to highly recommend your business “Selfie Genes” to all of my friends, family and especially my Sorors to have their favorite jeans and jean jackets customized. You made my experience both effortless and pleasant."

Vanessa Giles

"Thank you for making this vision a reality. Selfie Genes' work is truly phenomenal and I'll forever be a supporting customer."

Jamar Newman

"Selfie Genes transformed my denim jacket into a masterpiece consisting of photos of my children and grandchildren! I really loved the personalized attention to detail that the Selfie Genes team exhibited throughout the entire design process!"

Johnetta Ford

"Thank you again for the opportunity to be a "LIVE" billboard for your "BRAND"

Lacher Salley

"I loved my shorts with my pictures on them and my mom totally enjoyed her denim shirt with her grandkids on the back. Perfect!"

Elayna Rucker