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1. Do you supply the denim apparel?

We only supply denim jackets in a variety of sizes, quantities, styles, and colors for Men, Women, Children, and Pets. 
2. If we supply our own denim apparel, what is the process for shipping items to be printed to you? 
  The customer is responsible for shipping and insuring items are shipped to us for printing. 
3. Is there a maximum number of pictures and text that can be used? 
Yes, the maximum number of images is 10. 
The maximum text depends on how much can fit within the space on the selected denim template.
4. What is background removal?
Background removal involves removing the background from your images. We provide background removal services. Please email us if you desire to have this service done to your images.
5. Are there any additional costs for other requests? 
Yes, please contact us by filling out the form on the "Contact Us" page to get pricing for additional services.
6. Is there a process for proofing the design before payment is made? 
Yes, after adding the item to your cart you will have an opportunity to review your item before making payment. 
Once you have made payment, you will also receive a confirmation email with a proof of your design.
7. What is your turnaround time to receive the finished product?
The estimated date for delivery is 2-3 weeks from the date your order is placed.
8. Are there specifications for images?
Yes, high resolution files are recommended. 
However, images that are poor quality may affect the outcome of the final product.
9. What does the final cost include? 
The final cost includes the designing, printing, and shipping processes.
10. What shipping method are available? 
We offer Domestic and International shipping. For Domestic shipping we use USPS and International shipping we use DHL.
***Please wash your custom denim jacket before wearing it
***Selfie Genes is not responsible for any items that end up damaged