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About Us

Selfie Genes fills a unique niche by representing your “gene”ric makeup. Our slogan is "Uniquely Created & Uniquely Connected.” We specialize in transforming your denim jackets and jeans by using photos that are printed with high quality technology designed by you. Our goal is to capture the unique gene that connects people together through customized apparel. Selfie Genes was founded on the principle of my mother's personalized greeting card business, where she creates one-of-a-kind photo collages for special occasions. We realized the amount of selfies and photos that are taken on a daily basis. We then decided that we wanted to specialize in denim because it is a popular clothing item that is worn around the world. In merging these two concepts together, Selfie Genes was born...a unique way to display your DNA on your denim apparel! 
Pictured: Monet Jackson founder of Selfie Genes